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Airlobes are custom designed skins that attach to the outside of your aviation headset.
David Clark, general aviation, flying, headsets, design, creative, fun
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Future Pilot

My extremely cute daughter Emelia (just M to me) was picked as the Picture of the Day on the General Aviation News website. Our future pilot in training will be just like her Mom:)  ...

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Check Out Our Article in GA News this Month!

Thank you to General Aviation News for the great article in this Septembers issue. If you missed it, here is the link to the online article - Click Here! Thank you to everyone who has commented. We received some great feedback and the article garnered over 600 Facebook likes! Fly your way! Full Article below: General Aviation News/September 2015/ Article written by Janice Wood - editor of General Aviation News One day, Chris Day of Fort Mill, S.C., caught a glimpse of his wife’s headset and it gave him an idea. It was a color described by another pilot as “puke green” with no personalization or design whatsoever. What if he could come up with something that would give GA pilots and their headsets a little bit of pizzazz? An advertising and marketing professional who is now...

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